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About Us

Bill W and Friends.com is about the implementation of science-based, self-directed Holistic Recovery for people who are suffering from addiction, traumas, and mental health issues. Bill Weaver, our founder, has been developing and implementing cutting-edge, science based, proven effective substance abuse interventions and relapse prevention technologies for over 25 years.

Today, everywhere we look, we see the evidence of drug use at epidemic proportions. Why? Life today is becoming more stressful! Our reality is now beginning to break down. Our worldview is falling apart. As people are feeling less relevant, they are feeling more hopeless. They are feeling that their lives are spinning out of control.

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace! People everywhere are feeling more irrelevant and powerless with each passing day. All the old institutions and social models are breaking down. New science and new technologies are driving these changes in every segment of daily life.

World economies are becoming dysfunctional, education is failing at every level. Cultures around the world are falling apart. The American medical model is one of the leading causes of death in the United States today. Religion and theology are causing chaos and separation, instead of bringing people together and creating unity and love. Around the world at every level, governments are collapsing and politics cannot solve these problems. Politics is making them worse. As people become more fearful they will want government to solve these problems and make them feel safe. However, more government will only aggravate these problems, causing more problems.

This is all taking place within an environment filled with people who are intolerant, impatient, self-centered and driven by feelings of restlessness, irritability and discontentedness. The lack of power is our dilemma. This is a sign that something great is about to happen! There is an awakening of consciousness and awareness taking place around the world.

It is said that there are several hundred different Twelve Step Programs. We all know that there are not that many different diseases that respond to 12 step programs. There is only one root cause.
Every Twelve Step program begins with step one: a full, complete and accurate description of the problem. What is My Problem?

The best example is Alcoholics Anonymous's Step One, "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had became unmanageable." The Twelve Steps provide us with a methodology to restore us to health and maintain our well-being. Why would we not want to use this 21st-century technology, this methodology in order to regain our health, restore us to sanity and receive our abundance.

Mission and Vision

To accelerate the adoption and implementation of evidence-based and promising self- directed recovery oriented practices and services;

To heighten the awareness, knowledge, and skills of the self-help recovery community

To foster regional and national alliances among culturally diverse self-help recovery communities.

Who We Are

Bill W and Friends.com is an international, multidisciplinary resource for individuals, families and other stakeholders in the recovery community.

What We Do

Bill W and Friends.com continuously strives to improve the quality of recovery services by facilitating alliances among individuals, families and front-line professionals.

We facilitate the communication of information between faith-based organizations, the health and mental health communities as well as other stakeholders.

By connecting them with the latest research and information through activities such as self-directed skills training, self-directed education, online and distance-education, conferencing, workshops, and publications, Bill W and Friends.com responds to the emerging needs of the self-help recovering community. As the Bigbook tells us, this is only a beginning.

About Bill Weaver

    Bill Weaver is a Metaphysical Psychologist and Metaphysician. A physician for the soul. People throughout history have speculated about the infusion of metaphysics and psychology. Metaphysics is known as the science of first principles, also known as first cause of things, while psychology is, or was known as the science of mind, or the interaction between mental processes (thinking), and behavior. 

    He was graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in multidisciplinary studies in social science. He received his Masters Degree from Springfield College, Massachusetts in leadership and human service organizations.  

   Bill has been working with clients for more than 30 years in the field of behavioral modification as well as all areas of counseling. He is now focusing his consulting skills on helping people to develop, self-directed education programs; especially people seeking post-graduate level education and people seeking spiritual development.



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